Creativecell Logo

»Hasba Calling Sound System« and »Creativecell Media«

are brand names of CREATIVEDITION Heimo Bratke e.U. Our scope of service is to fulfill the complete supply chain in producing video, sounds & music; from the initial idea to the completed composition, from the shooting & recording to the master mix. All of this in our own fully digital studio.
CREATIVEDITION serves up a customized audio & video production instead of bulk stuff out of a cybernetic can. Maybe you’re looking for an audio-visual product, or merely for a musical creation for the background of a video or a film, or an audio-emotional framework which is

  • drafted exactly according to your imaginations and whishes
  • compliant with highest artistic and technical demands
  • geared to a particular audience instead of anonymous mass-market
  • free of charges in favour of a collecting society (like GEMA, AUME, SUISA, BMI, ASCAP and others)

Or maybe you need a voice-over for your presentation or documentation which

  • has been spoken and recorded by skilled speakers
  • is clean and accent-free from native speakers in a language of your choice
  • has been arranged with the suitable background music


offers you all of this:
Text + sounds + movie show - all of a piece, all from one provider.